You know what? Lemme make some mom lore for this character.
Margaret “Grizzly” Mikhailov, Height 7’1.234”, weight unknown, is a Former huntress turned beekeeper and the single mother of Seth Bardock. Margaret is a very powerful Russian woman with immense strength, speed and durability. Before Seth was born, she was widely known from a footage of her fighting a male polar bear and killing it with her bare hands, ripping out its bottom jaw before shattering its spine and slamming its head into a rock. Now, as Seth’s mother, she still has the aggressive nature towards him, but mostly wants the best for him.
Her own mother is unknown, but it is rumored she is the daughter of the witch with the nickname of, “The Cauliflower.” The Cauliflower was An 11’10 dark-skinned woman with hair resembling the head of a cauliflower. She was said to be virtually, cognitively, physically, spiritually, virtually, and in every other way, indestructible. But that’s besides the point of Margaret, right?…. Right?

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